Interactive Text

Here are examples of the project Interactive Text as described in Chapter 11 of Teaching Digital Photography: The Ultimate Guide to ‘Tween and Teen Learningby Keith Kyker (Libraries Unlimited, 2014)

In keeping with the policy on not show images of students, these examples were created by the author using stock photography.  Most of these images are placed on a solid white background, and of course your students’ work will not be.  However (a) that is the nature of stock photography, and (b) it helps you illustrate the concept of interaction to your students.

The images are provided to you for you to share with your students.  Please read the Notes section below the examples for specific permissions and limitations.

To view larger images, click the example.  When the larger image appears, you may wish to save it to your computer hard drive, or display the image on a separate web-page.  (Consult the command list for your web browser and/or operating system for specific directions on saving and displaying images from web pages.)








These images are provided to you to use as examples in support of you classroom instruction using the corresponding project plan from the bookTeaching Digital Photography: The Ultimate Guide to ‘Tween and Teen Learning by Keith Kyker (Libraries Unlimited, 2014.)

Any copyrighted names, graphics, or logos that appear in student projects are the property of the individual/corporate copyright holders, and are used here for educational purposes only.

Teachers may download these images for use in their classrooms as part of course teaching digital photography and multimedia skills.  Any other uses, including but not limited to public display of the images is prohibited without specific permission.  Images may not be published or printed in any manner or medium.

For specific permissions or exemptions, please contact Keith Kyker at