In my recent webinar, participants were interested in the DVD that accompanies the book.  Here are some of the questions that I have answered about the DVD.

What is included on the DVD?

The DVD includes all of the project plans and all of the grading rubrics in both Microsoft WORD format, and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.  Also included on the DVD (in both formats):  the Peer Evaluation Sheet; Letter to Parents – Multimedia Class Policies; Course Syllabus Template; Class Information Handout.

The DVD also includes dozens of digital images for you to share with your students.  The images are “working” images – they all need improvement.  As you begin teaching digital photography, you will understand that most images available for download have already been “improved.”  However, if you want to teach students to adjust the contrast of images, you need images with poor contrast.  If you want to teach students how to crop photos, then you need photos that need cropping!  You will probably eventually create this pictures yourself.  The pictures on the DVD give you a head-start.

Fifteen video clips are also included on the DVD.  Six of the clips are used by my students when we learn to edit – the Penguin Project!  The other nine clips represent video taken with different cameras using different size and quality settings.  This activity is also included in the book.

Click here for a Table of Contents for the DVD.


Is this a DVD that you can put in a DVD player and just watch?

No.  This is a data DVD.  Insert the DVD into your computer to access the files.  The DVD medium was selected because the total size of all of the files is too large to fit on a CD-ROM.


If I buy the book in a non-print format (eBook), will I have access to the DVD?

No.  The DVD is in a pocket inside the back cover of the printed book.  The eBook sells for significantly less in most/all markets.  For example, on, the Kindle eBook is $25.99 and the printed book (with DVD) is $40.50.


Is the DVD worth the additional cost?

In my humble opinion, yes, yes, a thousand times yes!


How can I legally use the DVD’s contents?

Great question, and thank you for your interest in protecting my creative rights!  Click here for the Copyright and Permissions document that accompanies the DVD.


More questions?

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